Philips Screeneo U4 – Ultra Short Throw Projector

Cinematic immersion with vibrant colors and deep contrast wherever you are. Ultra Short Throw projection means room size doesn’t matter.

A crystal clear image projection measuring up to 120″, with just 22.2 inches (56.5cm) between Screeneo U4 and the projection surface.

Philips Screeneo U4 1

Set it just 12 inches (30.5cm) away to get 80 inches of bright, vivid viewing, or go farther to get images up to 120 inches. Min. distance from the wall (back of the product): 4.5cm (1.77inch) for an image of 35″ | Max distance from the wall (back of the product): 56.5cm (22.24inches) for an image of 120″

Fast autofocus, auto-keystone, and 4-corner correction to quickly enjoy a perfect and clear video wherever you project.

Philips Screeneo U4 2

Project from almost any angle with auto-keystone correction & 4-corner correction

Philips Screeneo U4 3

The Screeneo U4 uses an internal camera to adjust the projection instantly for that perfectly-clear picture every time. 

Philips Screeneo U4 4

Watch in True Full HD 1080p with 60fps high-definition sharpness, full of the fine detail that can be lost at lower resolutions. The picture remains lifelike and text is crystal-clear when displayed at up to 120″ with Texas Instrument DLP cinema technology.

Featuring True Full HD, HDR10 and a cinema tuning with REC.709, colors remain lifelike with outstanding full high definition and clarity.

We made it incredibly easy to plug & play with your favorite devices right out of the box.

Philips Screeneo U4 5

Use the 2x HDMI 2.1 and a USB-A to connect all your devices. Your gaming consoles, Apple TV, Roku Sticks, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Satellite receivers connect to the HDMI ports just like a TV without an extra adapter. 

Philips Screeneo U4 6

When not projecting your favorite movie, TV show, or game, Screeneo U4 can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Pair your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to enjoy crisp tunes even when the projector is off.

Pair multiple audio devices. Set up a pair of speakers, or watch a movie privately with a friend on two sets of earphones, each with independent volume control.

Screeneo U4 is full dark matte for simplicity and modernity. Its compact design is meant to luxuriously and seamlessly blend into your home.

Our LED bulbs are rated to last 30,000 hours. That’s over 40 years of usage if you watched one movie per day.