Pintura:World First Cordless 2K Digital Frame

Display your digital masterpieces with a single button, share family moments instantly anywhere.

Pintura, is the cordless 2K digital frame that effortlessly showcases your digital masterpieces with a single touch. With its stunning 2K HD display, Pintura transforms your wall into a visual journey, vividly bringing iconic scenes to life. Its magnetic cordless charging system ensures a clutter-free space, while instant sharing capabilities via 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi allow you to share family moments anytime, anywhere. Pintura goes beyond being just a digital frame, offering the unique ability to create panoramic displays by joining multiple screens. With its sleek design and multiple size options, Pintura seamlessly integrates into any space, ensuring every cherished memory is displayed with lifelike clarity and vibrant colors. The innovative magnetic cordless charging concept eliminates cable clutter, while the Pintura app provides creative editing options and free cloud storage for your photos. Immerse yourself in captivating moments and stay connected to loved ones with Pintura, your personal gallery at home.