PISEN 140W Mega Charging Hub:One for Apple Ecosystem

2x 140W & 1x 100W USB-C | 1x USB-A | 2x AC Outlets | Magsafe Qi2 15W | Apple Watch Charger | Power Everything, Clutter-Free

The PISEN 140W Mega Charging Hub is a versatile charging solution designed for the Apple ecosystem, featuring 2x 140W and 1x 100W USB-C ports, 1x USB-A port, 2x AC outlets, a MagSafe Qi2 15W charger, and an Apple Watch charger. Inspired by Antarctic magnetism, it offers a clutter-free, all-in-one charging station with 140W GaN Ultra-Fast Charging Technology for optimal performance and energy efficiency. The hub supports various devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and watches, with wireless charging capabilities and an adjustable bracket for ergonomic use. Its compact, sturdy design includes a breathing light effect for user interaction and a detachable watch charging module for flexibility. This elegant, multifunctional charger brings efficiency and organization to any desktop.