Popsicle? Pop-cycle! A whole new foldable and slidable bike

foldable and slidable bike

A city bike smaller with a sliding body, folding handles & pedals, faster dual speed gear, made with eco-friendly die casting process.

  • New Mechanism, Sliding Body

The core feature of POP-CYCLE is its sliding body. POP-CYCLE was designed for the bearing to follow up on the frame, rotate, and enable the sliding mechanism. Slide the horizontal frame to adjust and find the best frame spacing that fits your body size.

  • “4 seconds” are all you need!

POP-CYCLE is so much faster and easier to fold compared to other products. With a “folding efficiency of 78%, POP-CYCLE” allows users to store in narrow spaces and easily place in the back of their car trunks. ; about 74ft³(2.1m³).

  • Fold Simpler and Fasterby One-Touch

Both handles, and pedals of the POP-CYCLE can be folded with a single touch.

  • Excellent Mobility POP-CYCLE

Conventional folding bikes must be hand-carried by bikers after being folded. Even for a short time, it is quite heavy and uncomfortable. POP-CYCLE is much more portable because it can be carried with wheels on the floor even after folding. When using any form of public transportation, “the mobility of POP-CYCLE” is well-demonstrated.

  • Smaller but Faster

16-inch wheels provide an average speed of 12MPH(20km/h). But do not be disappointed with the application of the 16in wheels on POP-CYCLE. We maximized its gear ratio with the “dual speed gear” through our own mechanism.

The unique mechanism is designed for the wheels to rotate twice the rounds to provide the average speed of 20MPH(30km/h). (Just like 20-inch wheels!)