PrintStation : Furniture system for 3D printing

Advanced Filtering |Sleek Design! Home Safe| Temperature control| Faster Prints| Reduced Noise and Odor

  • Furniture for 3D Maker

We believe that user-centered design is essential for furniture. The goal of this project is to create a furniture system that will make your maker experience better.

  • Safe Resin Printing Environment

Environments can be fluctuated, there’s dust, kids and cats in the room. Hence, having a 3D printer in a room without an enclosure is not ideal. PrintStation Enclosure creates the controlled safe 3D printing environment to protect yourself and your love ones.

  • Airtight cycling

Our filtering system is enclosed in an airtight enclosure and cycling using a laboratory turbine. This helps to prevent harmful VOCs from escaping into your environment. The VOCs is continuously removed during the air cycling via the advance filter prevent VOCs from escaping and gives you a clean and healthy environment.

  • Exhaust to outdoor

The filter using in PrintStation is prefect for 3D printing it catch ultrafine particles and VOCs. It can removes Odor, VOC, HCHO and 99.97% of PM particles down to 0.09 microns in size. The filter can use up 3 months/ 600 hours print time and is only cost 9.8USD each.

  • Effortless Filter Replacement

To replace a filter, simply remove the old filter and insert the new one. That’s it! No tools or complicated instructions required.

  • Testing with Air Quality Monitoring

Siemens is a leading manufacturer of air quality monitors, The unit is capable of detecting a variety of pollutants, including Pm2.5, Pm10, Co2, TVOC, HCHO, temperature and humidity.

We testing the PrintStation Mk2’s using this system as result shows our filtering system is reduce the VOCs and HCHO effectively.

  • Easy Access

This unique flip-up design make it really effortless to open and close the enclosure, and the flip-up design means that you don’t have to remove the entire enclosure to access the printer.

  • Temperature Control

In general, the recommended resin temperature is around 25–⁠35°C. If your room temperature gets below 20°C, you may start noticing issues with your 3D prints.

The PrintStation enclosures had build-in temperature controller, It can maintains the temperature in the enclosures between your room temperature and up to 40 °C.

  • Fit for all printers

Our enclosures are designed to fit most of resin printers that are produced by the most common brands. This makes our enclosures a great option for those who want a versatile and convenient way to store their 3D printers.