Productivity Redefined: AI-Powered Desk Lamp

Chat-GPT Powered | 355° Adjus table with Recording & Camera | Sun light Spectrum | 6 RGBs Modes

The BLINDER AI-Powered Desk Lamp is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance creativity and productivity. Equipped with ChatGPT technology, it offers features like 355° adjustability, integrated recording and camera capabilities, sunlight spectrum lighting, and six RGB modes. The AI Inspiration Assistant aids in brainstorming and content creation, while the BLINDER app provides a visual journal of ideas. The lamp boasts a superior design with a 53cm bar, exceptional coverage, and adjustable focus lighting for precise illumination. Additionally, it ensures privacy in audio recording and is user-friendly with its easy-to-use controls and flexible installation options. This innovative lamp not only illuminates workspaces but also enriches the creative process with its advanced technology and thoughtful design.