PUNCUBE Minimal 3-in-1 Desk: Designed for mobile office

The world’s 1st A4 size laptop desk, unrestricted by environment, to comprehensively improve work efficiency and comfort.

The world’s first A4-sized desk comes with no carrying burden. It has an adjustable laptop stand with a perfect angle and a magnetic writing board. The extendable mouse pad for on-the-go use can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Your Travel Companion´╝îkeeping you productive wherever you go. Only A4 size, 0.6cm thick, easily fit into your bag.

Because of the integrated design with the telescopic board, the supporting area of the bracket is very large. Don’t worry about sacrificing stability for volume, like many portable laptop stands on the market.

It use neodymium magnets as auxiliary positioning at each joint, which not only makes it more convenient to use but also greatly improves stability

Compatible with all laptops 12″ ~ 16″

High-strength fiberboard, second only to carbon fiber in strength, is usually used for aerospace, military equipment and sports equipment.