PUNCUBE Workelf :Perhaps the most versatile office gear ever

Maximize your productivity, Break away from traditional office settings and bring life to your work!

PUNCUBE Workelf, a highly versatile office gear designed to revolutionize traditional work settings and enhance productivity. Weighing only 290g and as slim as a standard binder, the Workelf features a unique flip-based design with 8 different modes, allowing it to transform into a multi-angle stand for all your portable devices. Its ergonomic design offers 5 angles tailored to optimize comfort during work. The workstation mode serves as a modular workspace, ensuring increased efficiency while being easily stored and carried for on-the-go use. Additionally, the Workelf is available in various colors, catering to different preferences. To maximize its utility, it also includes a whiteboard accessory in A4 size, compatible with commonly available whiteboard markers and easily erasable for continuous use.