Puzvox Fidget Toy: 6-in-1 Eternal Flower EDC Spinning Top

Revolutionizing gyro designs, merging aesthetics with amusement.

The Puzvox Fidget Toy, named the Eternal Flower, is a 6-in-1 EDC spinning top that redefines traditional gyro designs by merging aesthetic appeal with playful functionality. Inspired by the blooming lotus flower, the spinning top showcases a vibrant floral core with a meticulously designed bottom, exuding artistic elegance. The toy offers six gameplay options including a unique fingertip gyroscope with an interactive shell, a haptic coin with Teflon beads for smooth, noiseless play, and a wind chime coin producing soothing sounds. Additional features include a suspended hand twist with magnetic balls for varied spinning, a ratchet coin for stress relief through sound and sensation, and collaborative gameplay allowing for linked rotation with other gyros. The Eternal Flower also caters to different users with its various surface textures designed for improved grip, aesthetic enjoyment, or durability, providing distinct tactile sensations that stimulate neurotransmitter release for relaxation and stress relief.

Puzvox Fidget Toy - 1