ReloTrav : The World’s First Six-Wheel Family Suitcase

Multi-Functional Marvel | Effortless Packing | Kid-Friendly Design | Smart Travel Companion

The ReloTrav suitcase is the world’s first six-wheel family suitcase, offering unmatched stability and smooth rolling with retractable wheels that double as a ride-on for kids. This multi-functional marvel is designed for effortless packing and organized storage, featuring distinct compartments and an intelligent storage system for easy access to essentials. The innovative luggage stacking system allows one person to carry the joy of the whole family, reshaping the travel experience. The suitcase also serves multiple purposes, such as a camping table or mobile wardrobe. Built from high-quality, impact-resistant polycarbonate, it ensures durability and long-lasting reliability. The kid-friendly design includes a safe ride-on feature, making travel enjoyable for children and convenient for parents.