REVENANT B: Restart Your Car in 1 min, with OBD2 & Pedal Cam

Battery regeneration in 1 min without any external power! A smart system diagnoses & manages the vehicle via app with enhanced battery

Reviving your car’s battery has never been easier with the REVENANT B – a solution that regenerates your battery within 60 seconds, without the need for external power. This intelligent system not only diagnoses and manages your vehicle through a user-friendly app but also enhances your battery’s performance.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid 1-Minute Jump-Starting: The REVENANT B requires no external power source to breathe new life into your car’s battery within just 60 seconds.
  2. Battery Discharge Prevention: Stay ahead of battery discharge as the system alerts you in advance, allowing you to take action before dealing with a dead battery.
  3. Intelligent Battery Optimization System: Utilizing advanced algorithms, this system optimizes your battery’s performance, ensuring reliability, even in fluctuating temperatures.
  4. Mobile App Connectivity: The dedicated app offers comprehensive diagnostics and management for your vehicle. Keep track of your battery’s health and performance at all times.
  5. Two Essential Components: The core power source is the Battery, equipped with safety features and temperature optimization. The Module is an optional add-on that elevates your car’s existing battery performance and enables intelligent regenerative starting.

In summary, the REVENANT B provides you with a comprehensive power control system, a pedal cam for added safety, and integrated ICT DB management – all in one innovative package.