Ring X:1st Smart Ring with Blood Pressure Monitor

Dynamic Blood Pressure Monitoring | Tracks 14+Measurements | 18K Gold, Titanium, Ceramic

Ring X, the world’s first smart ring featuring a built-in blood pressure monitor and an array of 14+ health measurements. This sleek and elegant ring is designed to be worn every day, and is available in 18K gold, titanium, and ceramic options. Unlike traditional medical devices or bulky smartwatches, Ring X offers a stylish and convenient solution for continuous blood pressure monitoring using advanced Photoplethysmography (PPG) technology. It not only monitors blood pressure, but also tracks vital signs such as heart rate and blood oxygen levels, even during sleep, providing valuable insights into cardiovascular health. Additionally, Ring X records physical activity, temperature, menstrual cycles, and stress levels, and provides personalized health advice through its dedicated app. The ring’s inner ceramic technology ensures comfort, while the customizable exterior, designed in collaboration with senior designers, offers options in black ceramic, titanium steel, and 18K gold.stroke.