RINGO: Master Wellness and Media with Your Fingertips

Smart Touch Control|24/7 Wellness Monitoring |Fitness Tracker | Sleep Analysis | Event Reminders | 5ATM Waterproof | 7-Day Battery Life

RINGO is a smart wearable ring that combines wellness monitoring and media control with intuitive touch technology. With RINGO, you can seamlessly operate your phone, browse videos, switch songs, and take photos with just a gentle tap on the ring’s responsive area. It offers comprehensive health monitoring by assessing recovery status and providing real-time insights into sleep patterns, heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature. RINGO tracks fitness activities like running, walking, and cycling, enabling users to set goals and analyze performance metrics. The ring’s 5ATM waterproof design and 7-day battery life make it suitable for continuous use, even during outdoor activities. It also provides event reminders and stores data for up to 7 days, ensuring you stay connected and informed without needing a smartphone.