RoboUP, RTK+AI No Perimeter Wire Robotic Mower For All Yards

RoboUP is the world’s first robotic lawn mower that seamlessly blends RTK, robot vision, and AI technology. It delivers a perfect lawn for all types of yards, without the need for perimeter wiring. With the proprietary Dynamic Exact Positioning System (DEPS), RoboUP can mow efficiently in parallel lines, trim along edges with precision, and avoid objects and living things with its dual AI cameras, ensuring a safe and hazard-free mowing experience. Enjoy the ultimate precision positioning technology for a convenient and safe mowing experience with RoboUP.

Quick & Easy Set Up

  • No Perimeter Wiring Needed
  • Effortless Boundary Creation With’ ‘AI SMART EYE
  • Build-in RTK -GPS Reference Station
  • Intelligent Mowing Route Planning
  • Auto-recharge for Any Complex Garden

Versatile For All Situations

  • Works Precisely Because of RTK- GPS
  • Robust Navigation Even Without RTK -GPS Signal
  • Boundary Detection for Enhanced Safety
  • Multi- zone Management
  • Round-the – Clock Care

Top-Priority Safety

  • AI“SMART EYE”Obstacles Recognition
  • Real- time Detection On the Side
  • ​​Effortless Border Cutting