ROMA:World Largest Capacity Home Coffee Roaster

300g Capacity | 5 Auto Profile Presets| Smokeless| Cooling Auto Kicks in | Save Money on Coffee Cost

The Roma Pro is a state-of-the-art home coffee roaster that promises to revolutionize your morning coffee ritual. With a large capacity of up to 300g and five automatic profile presets, it offers a smokeless operation with an automatic cooling feature to prevent the beans from burning, ensuring a perfect roast every time. Designed to cater to both beginners and coffee connoisseurs, the Roma Pro provides options for manual and automatic settings, allowing users to customize their roast from light to dark, exploring a wide range of flavors and bean origins. It simplifies the roasting process with features like a large chaff collector, advanced sensors, and user-friendly modes, making home roasting an easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective experience. The roaster also supports sustainability by allowing users to tailor batch sizes, reducing waste, and ensuring fresh, high-quality coffee. With its innovative “Roasted on” feature, users can say goodbye to stale pre-ground coffee and enjoy a fresher, richer flavor experience, transforming their kitchen into a boutique roastery and bringing the barista-quality coffee experience home.