Slimca HERE: A Tracker as Thin as a Credit Card

Ensuring your wallet stays slim and sleek, it features worldwide tracking, left behind reminder, and a super slim USB-C connector

Slimca HERE is a slim and versatile tracker designed to prevent you from losing your personal belongings. It offers worldwide tracking through the Apple FindMy App, making it easy to locate your items globally. Slimca takes up as much space as a credit card in your wallet, ensuring it remains sleek. The device features a Finder function for your wallet, integrating seamlessly with the Apple Find My Network, which is a secure, end-to-end encrypted system that uses Bluetooth technology to track missing items. Slimca also has separation alerts to notify you when you’re separated from your belongings in unfamiliar places. Additionally, it includes a super slim USB-C connector, making it compatible with standard USB-C cables.