Smart E-Toothbrush Automatically Adjusts to Your Dentition!

3-sided brush to simultaneously clean teeth, interdental space, and gums! Reduce brushing time & enjoy high-quality dental care at home

The Wing Brush is an innovative smart e-toothbrush that provides comprehensive and efficient dental care by automatically adjusting to the shape of your teeth with its three-sided brush design. This toothbrush simultaneously cleans teeth, interdental spaces, and gums, reducing overall brushing time while ensuring high-quality oral hygiene. It features dynamic ultrasonic vibrations and a brush head that can switch between I-shaped and V-shaped configurations to accommodate both straight and curved tooth surfaces. The brush is effective at cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as the backs of molars and interdental spaces without the need for additional tools like floss. By applying the brush for just one second in a simple hand movement, users can achieve thorough cleaning, making it especially suitable for those with limited physical abilities. Additionally, the Wing Brush offers a user-friendly design that promotes quick drying and easy maintenance, further enhancing its practicality for everyday use.