Somvai: Optimize Your Naps & Sleep to Be More Productive

Enhance Your Sleep | Radar Sensing | Sleep Cycle Optimization | Breathing Exercises | White Noise | Intelligent Power Naps

Somvai is an advanced device designed to optimize naps and sleep for enhanced productivity and well-being. It utilizes radar sensing to monitor breathing and movement, and artificial intelligence to determine the best time to wake the user for maximum alertness and energy. Users set their available sleep time, and Somvai’s algorithms identify the optimal wake-up point within their sleep cycle. The device also features breathing exercises and white and brown noise to aid in falling asleep. Its LED light ring fosters cardiac coherence, and a light wakeup effect simulates sunrise for a gentle awakening. Somvai is rechargeable, portable, and requires no ongoing subscription fees or app. It aims to improve brain health and potentially delay aging by ensuring the ideal nap length and timing. Developed through years of research, its patent-pending algorithms are personalized and secure, emphasizing user privacy. This innovative technology promises to transform naps into a rejuvenating experience, useful for daytime naps and nighttime sleep.