Sonicwave:The latest OWS openear buds with replace batteries

168 Hours Battery Life/750mAh/4 Magnetic removable batteries/ Dual-Channel Connection/Transparent Casing/ Hangable Storage

The Sonicwave OWS earbuds offer an advanced open-ear listening experience with a significant focus on battery life and user comfort. They come equipped with four replaceable 60mAh lithium batteries and a 750mAh charging case, providing up to 168 hours of standby time. These lightweight earbuds, weighing only 128 grams, are designed for ease of use and prolonged wear, with a waterproof design conforming to the IP6 standard. They can connect to various Bluetooth-enabled devices and feature a comfortable, adaptive design that fits securely in the ear. The open-back design, angled for direct sound delivery, allows users to stay aware of their surroundings while enjoying high-quality audio. The earbuds incorporate MHSS technology for a fusion of sound quality and noise cancellation, including active noise-cancelling, sound wave cancellation to protect privacy, and dynamic EQ algorithms for balanced audio output.