Stack & Sprout: A Vertical Gardening System For Patios

In urban areas, balconies and patios lack space. That shouldn’t stop you from having a fresh garden. Stack & Sprout is here to help!

Stack & Sprout is a vertical gardening system designed for urban dwellers with limited patio space. This user-friendly solution simplifies the process of growing plants, herbs, and certain fruits and vegetables. By stacking the modular sections to your desired height, inserting a smart soil capsule with your chosen seeds, and filling the water tank, you can effortlessly nurture your garden. Unlike traditional gardening, Stack & Sprout eliminates mess, constant attention, and space constraints. Its patent-pending pod design promotes healthy plant growth, and the smart watering system mimics natural rainfall, ensuring every stack receives proper care. Additionally, the rotatable base allows for optimal sunlight exposure. The all-inclusive kit makes it easy for gardening beginners to cultivate their own fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies.