STARFIELD 3D, Print & Post-curing All-in-One SLA 3D Printer

Print & Post-Curing |350200350mm Build Volume |25μm XY Resolution |Auto-heating Resin Vat| 20,000+ Hours Lifespan

STARFIELD 3D introduces an innovative Print & Post-Curing All-in-One SLA 3D Printer, boasting a sizable 350200350mm build volume, 25μm XY resolution, and an auto-heating resin vat, offering over 20,000 hours of lifespan. It eliminates the need for a separate curing machine, streamlining the printing process. The printer emphasizes high precision and accuracy, enabling users to materialize intricate designs with ease. With a redesigned laser module, it boasts a remarkable 18,000RPM scanning speed and 20 times the lifespan of an average LCD 3D printer. Moreover, the user-friendly design features an offline printing option, a 7″ smart touch panel, adjustable legs, and a stop button for convenient operation. Additionally, the built-in air filtration system ensures a comfortable and odor-free work environment.