Step into the Future with Silop’s High-Tech Jackets! 

Triple-proof technology shell waterproof and breathable \Temperature-locking warmth \Environmental protection concept

Silop’s high-tech jackets, launched in fall 2023, revolutionize winter wear with their triple-proof technology shell, combining waterproof, breathable, and temperature-locking features. Inspired by NASA’s aerogel technology, these jackets boast 0.9mm nanometer aerogel insulation, offering exceptional warmth at minimal weight and resisting temperatures as low as -40°C. The aerogel’s low thermal conductivity surpasses air, proven by a 1300℃ flame gun experiment. The jackets also feature a backside waterproof breathable membrane, repelling heavy rain while wicking away sweat. They’re lighter than cotton or down, with a triple-defense fabric treatment for all-weather resistance, anti-static, and wrinkle-resistant properties. Made with high-density 300T polyester, the jackets are durable, abrasion-resistant, and feature a YKK zipper. They incorporate DuPont SORONA Biodegradable Fiber filling for moisture absorption and environmental friendliness. With adjustable design, a seven-pocket system, and a minimalist black and white color scheme, Silop’s jackets are stylish, versatile, and environmentally conscious, suitable for various weather conditions and lifestyle needs.