Stepping Stones|Daily Caring For Your 2nd Heart

Recalibrate with Acupoints designed by Oriental Acupuncture methodology. Apex cushioning, energy return, arch support, sustainable!

Stepping Stones are innovative footwear designed for daily foot care, inspired by Oriental acupuncture principles. They feature specially designed insoles that target various acupoints on the feet, corresponding to different organs in the body. These insoles offer different functions, like the Heel & Arch Guardian Masseuse for plantar fasciitis prevention and recovery, and the Health Rehabilitation Therapist for stress relief, aiding sleep, weight loss, and alleviating diabetes pain. There’s also an Everyday Companion Stabilizer for ergonomic comfort, arch support, and sole ventilation, and the Toe & Heel Guardian for protection and correct positioning.

These shoes are designed to offer therapeutic benefits through acupressure massage, improving overall health by stimulating blood circulation and relieving stress. They are also sustainably made, using SiliComfy material derived from recycled silicon waste, making them eco-friendly. Stepping Stones are lightweight, quick-drying, suitable for all weather conditions, and provide shock absorption with their memory foam insoles. They are recommended by healthcare professionals for their benefits, including targeted treatment for conditions like plantar fasciitis and hallux valgus, and they contribute to reducing environmental impact.