Submarine Collection: Makes Creation Flow with Inspiration

Endorsed by pen gurus! Efficient turbo-charged twist-and-fill system. Custom Schmidt nib & ergonomic grip with unique fiber engraving

The Submarine Collection is a marvel of engineering and artistry, designed to enhance the writing experience with its unique and efficient features. Endorsed by pen experts and powered by a turbo-charged twist-and-fill system, it boasts custom Schmidt nibs and an ergonomic grip with distinctive fiber engraving for comfort and style. Launched successfully on a Taiwanese crowdfunding platform, the pen has been critically acclaimed, particularly after being tested and praised by experts in calligraphy and fountain pen retail. Crafted primarily from solid brass, the pen promises durability and a legacy of smooth writing. It offers an exceptionally satisfying ink-filling process and is designed with meticulous attention to ergonomics and aesthetics, ensuring ease of use and visual appeal. The Submarine Pen, available in fountain and rollerball versions, is a testament to craftsmanship, with its submarine-inspired design, solid brass construction, and attention to detail in every aspect, including the eco-friendly turbine cap made from LOTOS material. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and beauty, catering to beginners, prolific writers, and collectors alike, and comes in elegantly designed packaging, making it an ideal gift.