Talon 360 Degrees Outdoor Mega Size Foldable Chair

As big as a single sofa yet foldable & portable! Spacious camping chair for all, 5 sec set up.

The Talon Swivel Chair, available through a Kickstarter campaign starting at $99, is a unique outdoor chair designed for portability and comfort. It features a compact, foldable design for easy transport and storage, and stands out with its 360-degree swiveling capability, similar to an office or gaming chair. The chair combines a durable aluminum frame with water-repellent nylon for the seat and backrest, along with toilon cushioning and a ventilated mesh section for added comfort. It also includes a detachable headrest, organizer pockets, and a cup holder, though lacks traditional raised armrests. Available in two sizes, the standard version supports up to 330 pounds while the long version supports up to 270 pounds. When collapsed, the chair remains reasonably portable, fitting into a provided carry bag with a handle. This innovative chair is thus ideal for various outdoor activities, offering both comfort and practicality.