The Desk Lamp by Pure Forms: Light, Adjust & Set the Mood

The Desk Lamp 1

And that includes desk lamps. Ours is designed to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle and give you command over every aspect of lighting. It’s a brand new way to organize, multitask, and enhance the mood of your space, no matter what you’re up to.

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Designed with longevity in mind, The Desk Lamp is made from durable diecast aluminum that’s been expertly finished for a clean, tactile finish. It’s built with industrial-strength parts used in auto manufacturing, including friction hinges that have been tested in extreme environments for up to 100,000 full rotations. Concealed rare-earth magnets hold everything together, without visible screws or bolts.

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The Desk Lamp 9

The Desk Lamp is available with a specialized Task Light or a Task Light AND Webcam Light. The Task Light has asymmetric light output, which is cast down and directs the light beam to a selected area for focused work. The Webcam Light is forward-facing and used for video conferencing.

Task Light
 With a CRI (color rendering index) of 98+, this version of The Desk Lamp has the ability to reveal the most brilliant colors on a par with the color spectrum of natural sunlight. Its tunable-white LEDs can shift color temperature from 1650 to 8000 kelvin, perfecting the color settings to align with various environments or even the time of day.

The Desk Lamp 10

Webcam Light
 This setup diffuses light evenly for bright, flattering illumination that’s glare-free for your eyes and your screen, even when the lamp head is positioned above the monitor. The tunable-color LEDs can be adjusted to the ideal saturation and hue, with reduced white point. The Lamp’s accompanying mobile app also offers full-spectrum color control.

The Desk Lamp 11
The Desk Lamp 12

The optical design of The Task Light and Webcam Light was refined and calibrated over countless hours. Each Lamp style features high-quality LEDs with a rated life of more than 100,000 hours. For added energy efficiency, there is a proximity sensor on the lamp head that automatically shuts off the light when you leave. The Task Light’s optical design was optimized to provide total workspace coverage without monitor glare.

Inside The Task Light’s lamp head, LED diodes are recessed ⅜” to hide the source from direct view, reducing visual fatigue for the most comfortable experience. There is currently a patent pending on our optical technology.

The Desk Lamp 13
The Desk Lamp 13

You’ve never seen a desk lamp move like this one. The highly adjustable design offers a full range of light direction and control, with a pivoting head that can be positioned over the top of a monitor and a unique, double-hinged swing arm that folds into various configurations. The swing arm also rotates 360 degrees at the base, allowing even more freedom to light different screen configurations from any angle. The lamp extends to a maximum height of 33.5″

The Desk Lamp 14

Exploring the finer points of positioning was integral to our process. Unfold, tilt, swivel, and shift The Lamp to suit how you work. How it lives on your desk from day to day is entirely up to you.

The Desk Lamp 15
The Desk Lamp 16

Increase productivity and free up your space by connecting to the ultimate powered docking station, built directly into the base of The Desk Lamp. One thunderbolt port, one USB-C port, one USB-A port, two HDMI ports, and two built-in wireless charging pads equipped with Qi-certified technology provide 20 watts of power to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Connect your laptop or desktop computer, up to two displays, external hard drives, and other mobile devices to create a workspace that’s customized to you. Power to the lamp comes from a low voltage USB-C port on the back of the base allowing it to function in any country or voltage around the world. 

The Desk Lamp 17

9 to 5 office work. 5 to… all-night gaming and livestreaming. Video conferencing. Photo editing. Content creation. There’s no shortage of uses for The Desk Lamp. In addition to its natural place on desks, the multitasking design works equally well on console tables, nightstands, and workbenches, precisely directing light wherever it’s needed and keeping your devices and power cables in order.

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The Desk Lamp 19

Complete lighting control is at your fingertips with the companion app. Easily manage saturation, hue, and CCT beyond full RGB range to customize the ambiance of your space and set the ideal mood. Adjust the color temperature and richness of light to put your best face forward on camera, whether you’re dialing in to a business meeting or gaming with friends online.

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The Desk Lamp 21

Here’s an inside look at how The Desk Lamp design was developed and carefully fine-tuned behind the scenes.

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