The Fairway Sunhat (by Shapeflexer)

lightweight bendable shapeable crushable durable packable machine washable waterproof extra wind resistant multi purpose Sports Sun Hat

The Fairway Sunhat by Shapeflexer is a lightweight, bendable, crushable, durable, and packable sports sun hat. It is machine washable, waterproof, and extra wind resistant, making it a versatile multi-purpose hat suitable for various outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, gardening, boating, and more. The hat features a chin strap for windy conditions and a wide Ponytail Gate for long hair. It is lighter in weight compared to other Shapeflexer hats and has a smaller brim diameter. The sunhat includes a pocket for plastic cards and an adjustable back bungee for a perfect fit. Its portability makes it ideal for trekkers, easily folding and fitting into small spaces. The Fairway provides excellent sun protection and can be shaped to suit individual needs throughout the day.