The Groove Wallet™

Peter Goodwin – Founder and Chief ENERGETIC Officer at Groove Life.

Groove Wallet 1

The Groove Wallet is a sleek, low-profile wallet that has been engineered to function perfectly for everyday use. One simple thumb motion perfectly fans out up to six cards for easy access to find exactly what you need. Engineered from 6063 Aluminum, and backed by our 94-year No BS Warranty, the Groove Wallet is the last wallet you’ll ever need!

The Groove Wallet is perfect for:

  • Racking cards with a single swipe
  • Eliminating that pocket bulge
  • Stepping up your everyday carry
  • Minimalist profile
  • Blocking RFID
  • *That* sound. You’ll see what we mean…
Groove Wallet 2
Groove Wallet 3
Groove Wallet 4
Groove Wallet 5

What makes the Groove Wallet so awesome?

Single Thumb Swipe

No more gimmicky levers! Other wallets have an awkward lever or button that requires an uncomfortable finger motion to activate. This either shoots your cards out all over the floor or breaks after a few months of paying for things. Give your carpal tunnel a break and check out the smooth, single handed action of sliding up the face of the Groove Wallet.

Groove Wallet 6

The Perfect Array

Find the card you need. Immediately. No more fumbling through a stack of cards, smushed between slabs of metal and a rubber band. The Groove Wallet quickly and cleanly fans out up to 6 cards. Grab the one you need and easily slide it back in.

Groove Wallet 7

Zero Elastic

Do you really want to pay $100 for a couple blocks of metal and have it held together by a cheap piece of elastic that you have to replace every so often?  The Groove Wallet’s body and internal mechanism is precision machined from 6063 Aluminum Alloy and securely holds your cards ready for easy access.  Nothing to break, nothing to stretch, simple!

Secure Hold

Other minimalist wallets have one of two problems.  They hold your cards REALLY well…so well, in fact, that you can’t get them out!  Or the wallets give such easy access to cards that they spill all over the place when the springs wear out or you push that lever too hard.

Groove Wallet 8

What is more unique is having a wallet that won’t spill your cards on the ground when you pull it out to pay for that next beer. Our mechanical card arm keeps the cards securely inside the body while not in use. Our engineered bumpers friction fit those cards as they array out. Does this mean you can stand upside down when they check your ID the next time through TSA? Yes. Yes it does. Oh & yes, the Groove Wallet blocks RFID…but that’s nothing new.

Groove Wallet 9

Tough as…

Other wallets may look tough on the outside, but inside they’re full of flimsy, brittle plastic parts. Rack your cards in the Groove Wallet? You’ll be rewarded with a satisfying kaaaschink as the smooth mechanism effortlessly slide those cards out. Do it again. And again.

Groove Wallet 10


No one likes a pocket bulge and there are some skinny jeans out there. Measuring less than a centimeter (that’s real thin in ‘Merican) the Groove Wallet slides easily in and out of your pocket and you barely know it’s there.

Groove Wallet 11

No BS 94-Year Warranty

As with every other product Groove Life has made (and there are over 3 million Groove Life products out in the wild now), the Groove Wallet is fully backed by our famous, often imitated, never matched, No BS, 94 year (calm down, it’s just a fun way of saying ‘lifetime’) warranty. 

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