HTVRONT: The Heat Press with Auto Pressure Exertion

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, is an iron-on press bringing you a brand new heat transfer experience. It’s equipped with an automatic pressing system that improves upon traditional manual presses. With its stylish appearance, intuitive operation, and advanced features, the creative process becomes effortless. 

Heat transfer is a popular way to add original decorations and designs to T-shirts, tablecloths, canvas and any other fabrics. It’s easy to design unique and durable patterns for various projects. All you need to get started is HTVRONT and your imagination. 

Conventional heat presses, tend to be bulky, unrefined, and challenging to use.  Many also suffer from uneven heating and pressure, resulting in incomplete transfer patterns and a poor user experience.

HTVRONT offers you the most efficient heat transfer experience with the automatic pressure exertion and exceptional heating engine. Whether you’re a crafter or a small business owner, heat pressing will be more enjoyable with HTVRONT.

Heat Press 1

Auto Heat pressing is now possible! With user experience as its primary concern, HTVRONT has eliminated the most annoying press-to-lock step. It’s a plug-to-use device with no assembly required. Just place your design, set the time and temp, and click the “Start” button, all your creative ideas become reality fast.

Heat Press 2

Whether you’re going to embellish a thin napkin or thick canvas bag, HTVRONT will take care of the heating pressure for you. With its advanced pressure system, it automatically applies pressure to materials with thicknesses up to 2.5 cm. Thus, you do not have to test the pressure repeatedly for various items and vinyl materials, which is super convenient and saves hassles.

Heat Press 3

Uneven or non-reliable heating is one of the leading causes of heat transfer failure. Powered by a pioneer dual-zone heating engine, HTVRONT has pushed the boundaries of speed and precision heating to new heights. Using NTC technology, it monitors and controls the temperature of the heat plate, ensuring the display temperature is accurate and heating is perfectly uniform over the plate. 

Heat Press 4

Aside from the outstanding precision, the efficient heating engine increases heating speed twice as fast compared to other heat presses. Typically, it takes less than 4 minutes to heat up to 160°C, and it takes 6 minutes to reach the maximum temperature of 210°C.

Heat Press 4

HTVRONT’s workspace adopts a pullout drawer design, so you don’t have to worry about the heat source hovering over your hands and the potential to get burned as you place the materials. 

Heat Press 5

HTVRONT is encased in multi-layered thermal insulation and utilizes self-developed H-Cooling technology to make sure the heat is dissipated in a safer and more controlled way. Thus, the outer shell of the HTVRONT is completely safe to touch and the overheating risk is greatly reduced.

Heat Press 6

Every detail of safety is considered. Power is provided by a 1500W Max 6A UL certified safety cord. Whenever the device is not being used for 10 minutes, it automatically shuts down to prevent electrical hazards.

Heat Press 7

HTVRONT features a 15*15 inch large heat plate to handle your most ambitious projects. Whether you want to add a cute logo to the sleeve or design a large image for the entire shirt front, HTVRONT has you covered.

Heat Press 8

Even with its large plate, HTVRONT weighs only 38 lbs. with a durable body measuring 20*12*16 inches. With carrying handles on both sides of the machine, HTVRONT is lightweight and portable so that it can be moved to any corner of your workshop or different work locations.

Heat Press 9

HTVRONT has been designed to work with a variety of materials across many applications and comes with four preset modes and two customizable modes. Whether it’s your first time doing heat transfers or you are a seasoned pro looking to increase efficiency, the presets will help you get started quickly and eliminate the hassle of repeated setups. It just takes one click to get the right temperature and time for most common HTVRONT materials.

Celsius or Fahrenheit, the choice is yours! HTVRONT supports switching the temperature display units to meet your needs.

Heat Press 10

For small businesses, HTVRONT has created the Auto mode to simplify batch processing. Once the “Auto” button is activated, all you need to do is place materials, push the placement area in, pull the placement area out after the machine lifts automatically, and repeat the process again. You don’t even need to press the “Start” button repeatedly, the garment customizations will come out exactly as you wish.

Heat Press 11