The MagSnap Wallet: Minimal & Modular

MagSnap Wallet 1

You’ve seen other minimalist wallets that solve specific problems… but what if you could build the perfect wallet for yourself? Meet MagSnap Wallet, an ultra minimal, ultra thin, and ultra versatile wallet.

What makes the MagSnap Wallet better?

  •  Super thin. 5.5mm for 1-5 card module.
  •  Fan cards with ease.
  • Can (but doesn’t have to) magnetically dock with phone. (Stuff required)
  •  It’s modular! Create your own perfect wallet recipe using any one of our 4 modules available in different styles and finishes. (And more modules are in development 😉)
MagSnap Wallet 2
MagSnap Wallet 3

Holds Up To 5 Cards Per Card Module

(and you can magnetically stack as many modules as you want)

Each card module is precision machined from aluminum alloy, can hold up to 5 flat cards, and clocks in at only 5.5mm thick. We’re barely adding any additional thickness than if you were using a rubber band! Have some class and shield your cards with some RFID protecting dignity.

MagSnap Wallet 4
MagSnap Wallet 6

Build your wallet the way you want 

(using any of our 4 module types and 7 materials and finishes)

Check out the different modules below. Mix and match to create the perfect wallet for you. All models stick together using a strong magnetic connection and lock into place with the center slot.

MagSnap Wallet 7
MagSnap Wallet 8
MagSnap Wallet 8
MagSnap Wallet 9
MagSnap Wallet 10

Need to carry 6 or 7 cards but don’t want to commit to another card module? Need to carry cash sometimes? Enter: the Band Module.

MagSnap Wallet 11
MagSnap Wallet 12

It’s less than 4mm thick and I think we can all agree that’s a badass looking knife/bottle opener. Carry it always or grab, dock and go at your discretion. Up to you.

MagSnap Wallet 13
MagSnap Wallet 14

The magnets are crazy strong and use super-science infused bi-pole magnets which provide maximum strength and minimum magnetic interference so your cards stay safe.

MagSnap Wallet 14

Stay thin.

Other wallets are thick. Why? We’re not sure. Get the exact measurements for our modules below.

MagSnap Wallet 15
MagSnap Wallet 16

Phone Mountable

The card module can be mounted directly to the phone via the Ohsnap case or the MagSnap Plate. The MagSnap Plate is compatible with almost all phones and cases!

MagSnap Wallet 17

Is the MagSnap Wallet MagSafe Compatible?

 No, but we did this on purpose. Here’s why: 

1. If we included the necessary magnets, the wallet would be significantly thicker and more expensive.

2. When the wallet is not on your phone, swap it out for the Ohsnap Grip 2.0 and you still get all the benefits of MagSafe. The Grip 2.0 features the same auto-aligning magnets found in MagSafe and is compatible with all our mounts and chargers. (The ring you see on the case and MagSnap Plate is where the Grip 2.0 mounts)

3. Our magnet array and locking pin is much stronger than MagSafe. MagSafe wallets easily slide off your phone when you put it into your pants – our wallet stays put. 

Our approach may be slightly less streamlined than Apple’s, but our magnetic connections are stronger, and our products are more modular and way more functional.

MagSnap Wallet 18
MagSnap Wallet 19

Unlike most phone mounted wallets, you can access the cards without looking at the back of the phone – which just looks super stealth and magic.

MagSnap Wallet 19
MagSnap Wallet 20