The New ACM® 2.0 | Wallet Evolution

A complete redesign utilizing modern technology – 20% smaller size – 25% lighter weight – massive reduction in parts.

The New ACM® 2.0 Wallet Evolution represents a significant redesign using modern technology. It boasts a 20% reduction in size and a 25% decrease in weight, achieved through a massive reduction in parts. Two popular colorways are introduced: the ProTekm RFID Blocking Brushed Chrome with a one-piece chassis and dual metal coating for chip data protection, and the Black Satin offering a sleek, tactical grip for efficient checkout experiences. The wallet features a 6-card protective case, individually selectable cards, and a money clip for folded bills. Notably, the redesign also includes easy replaceable clutch pads, direct drive actuators, and “Shark Tooth Grip” thumb pads for improved functionality, all while maintaining the patented mechanism’s integrity. These changes represent a significant advancement in wallet technology.

The New ACM® 2.0 - 1