THEDOOKAN Loft Penthouse: Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Level up your tent. With a quick setup and trunk-friendly storage, the Loft Penthouse is the perfect camping and backyard companion

The Dookan Loft Penthouse is a versatile, two-story tent designed for an enhanced outdoor experience, combining ease of use with innovative design. Handmade and trunk-friendly for easy transport, this tent is ideal for both camping and backyard use. The upgraded version features new windows for better scenic views and a detachable mesh ceiling for an open-air feel. Unique additions like the Docking Room expand living space, making it suitable for larger groups. It offers various configurations to accommodate different group sizes, from minimal setups for 1-2 persons to a hyper-maximal setup for 10+ persons, even allowing for the creation of a tent village. Easy to pitch even for beginners, it’s durable enough to withstand high winds and support significant weight. This combination of functionality, adaptability, and robustness makes the Dookan Loft Penthouse a standout product for outdoor enthusiasts.