TileRec 2.0 World’s Slimmest Voice Recorder, Now Even Better

The Practical, Tiny, and Subtle Mini Voice Recorder with 64GB of Storage, Designed to Store More Than 1100 Hours of Audio Conversations

TileRec 2.0 is a ultra-slim voice recorder with 64GB of storage that has been designed for simplicity and discretion. With a thickness of just 1/4 inch, it easily fits into your pocket and captures audio at the push of a button. Its advanced microphone can pick up sound from any direction, ensuring clear recordings in various settings. TileRec is user-friendly, with a single button for easy operation. It stores over 1100 hours of audio, eliminating the need for frequent file transfers. You can connect it to your PC, Mac, or USB-C-enabled phones for quick data transfer and playback. TileRec’s specialized focus on recording sets it apart from smartphones, offering a dedicated solution for capturing important moments without distractions.