TROMATZ® Microcurrent Toothbrush, Gentle But Deep Cleaning!

No vibration, noise or damage! Enjoy our new oral healthcare device that effectively cleans all areas unreachable by regular toothbrush

TROMATZ® Microcurrent Toothbrush, a oral healthcare device that offers a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience, targeting areas inaccessible to regular toothbrushes. The patented microcurrent technology, generating 100 A at a rate of 10 MHz, effectively eliminates biofilm even in interdental spaces and periodontal pockets. Clinically proven to remove six times more plaque than standard brushes, TROMATZ® reduces gum inflammation and offers whitening effects. With a compact and water-resistant design, it caters to users of all ages, especially those with delicate gums, braces, or implants. The product’s microcurrent, resembling the body’s own signals, ensures pain-free and irritation-free usage. Equipped with LED lamps for enhanced usability and a long-lasting battery life, TROMATZ® guarantees convenience and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive at-home oral care. Its safe and certified technology, including 126 registered or applied patents and various safety certifications, further underscores its reliability and effectiveness.

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