UBPet V10: 22000Pa 10X Ultra Suction Power Robot Vacuum

22,000Pa Powerful Suction丨Deep Carpet Cleaning丨LDS Navigation丨Effortless Hair Cleanup丨Low noise 丨APP Control

The UBPet V10 robot vacuum is an efficient and dynamic cleaning tool, boasting an impressive suction power of 22,000Pa, ideal for thorough carpet cleaning and effective pet hair removal. It features advanced cyclonic technology and a brushless fan, which ensure consistent suction while requiring minimal filter upkeep. This vacuum excels in navigating and effectively cleaning various types of carpets. It operates with a low noise level and employs intelligent LiDAR-based navigation for effective obstacle detection and safety across multiple floors. Its compact design boosts cleaning efficacy, and the vacuum comes with convenient features such as app-based controls for tailored cleaning schedules, automatic return to its docking station, and a dustbin that’s simple to empty. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive cleaning solution suitable for a wide range of household cleaning requirements.