UMind Mirror: Smartest EEG Brainwave Wearable for You

UMind Mirror – the smart health tracking device is the world’s smallest BCI (Brain-computer Interface) – with our self-developed chip, weighs only 5.2g, reads brainwaves, quantifies sleep, helps you to optimize focused performance, and offers SDK to develop amazing new apps.

Designed by our sleep scientists team, UMind Mirror offers highly accurate data analysis that surpasses other small wearable devices. UMind Mirror is a bioelectronic wearable device that is lightweight and easy to use. It measures activity in all cortical lobes of the brain. It can be used to control physical and digital environments with trained mental commands or create intelligent passive BCI that responds to your brain activity in real-time.

  • Full Sleep-Cycle Support

UMind Mirror uses brainwave monitoring to track your sleep quality and provide personalized feedback and guidance to help improve your sleep.

  • Meditation Tracking

When practicing yoga or meditation, wearing the product can guide you in meditation and play relaxing music. After meditation, there will be a meditation report that lets you know your relaxation and brain relaxation state, making meditation more effective.

  • Remote Monitoring

Stay connected with your loved ones and monitor their health remotely. With our remote monitoring feature, you can add family and friends to view each other’s data and provide care for each other’s health, even from afar, promptly identify potential health problems, and take timely measures to ensure the health and safety of our loved ones.

  • Focus Training

UMind Mirror has designed fun and easy brain-controlled training games that can help enhance your brain. By measuring the strength of your brain’s electrical waves, the game provides you with neural feedback to guide you in improving your mental state. You can train your focus, tension, and cognition.

  • BCI/SDK Platform

The UMind Mirror development SDK provides complete access to developers, supporting drivers, APIs, and analysis tools for EEG research applications. This means that developers can create potential applications, such as improving focus, meditation, stress therapy, fitness tracking, mind-controlled computing, interactive television, gaming and entertainment, and smart home integration.

  • Super Long Battery Life

The device can be used continuously for 10 hours on a full charge, and the charging compartment can provide an additional 60 hours of battery life on a full charge.