VEGER X5 | The Next Century 6-in-1 WalletTrack Power Bank

6-IN-1 | Wireless Powerbank | 5000mAh, Fast Charging | Magsafe Wallet | Apple-certified Find My | 0-90° Adjustable Stand | Iconic Style

The Veger X5 is a revolutionary 6-in-1 power bank that combines a 5000mAh wireless charger, Magsafe wallet, Apple-certified Find My tracking, an adjustable stand, and iconic style into one sleek device. This next-century power bank ensures you stay powered and connected on the go while also serving as a stylish and secure wallet. Its intelligent temperature control enhances safety and longevity, while the powerful magnetic force ensures it stays attached to your phone. With RFID blocking materials, it protects your credit card information, and its built-in backup battery keeps it operational for up to three months. The adjustable stand allows for easy viewing at any angle, and its robust design ensures durability. Available in Midnight Black and Snow White, the Veger X5 seamlessly merges technology and aesthetics, providing a comprehensive solution for modern convenience and security.