Velacy: World’s 1st CD-Quality Low Latency Earbuds

LE Audio Powered|Lossless Bluetooth Music |Ultra Low 20ms Gaming Latency|Redefine Wireless Listening

Velacy is introducing Crystal 5A, the world’s first CD-quality low latency earbuds, powered by LE Audio technology and Qualcomm’s aptX™ Lossless. These earbuds aim to revolutionize the wireless listening experience, catering to those who value high-fidelity sound. The dual driver system offers balanced armature drivers for clarity and treble, along with dynamic drivers for coherent tones and improved bass. The earbuds support ultra-low 20ms latency for gaming and video editing, making them compatible with various gaming consoles and devices. Velacy’s Bluetooth 5.4 BlueBeam 3A with Qualcomm aptX™ Lossless audio codec allows any device to play lossless audio and backward-compatible audio codecs such as AAC and SBC. Their True Lossless Audio technology ensures no data compression, setting them apart from other brands that advertise “lossless audio” with compressed digital audio files. The earbuds also boast an impressive 30 hours of battery life, IPX4 sweat and water resistance, and ANC technology for immersive sound. Additionally, users can fine-tune the equalizer settings with the Velacy app, further enhancing the audio experience. The brand offers a Bluetooth 5.4 audio transmitter to upgrade any device, enabling high-quality lossless audio transmission for an enhanced Bluetooth experience on various platforms.