VentoRake: One Tool to Rake, Vacuum, Mulch & Bag Leaves

All-in-one leaf rake & vacuum | Portable & lightweight | Easily converts into a blower | Battery-powered

VentoRake, a all-in-one tool designed to simplify your yard work. This versatile device combines leaf raking, vacuuming, mulching, and bagging into a single, portable, and lightweight unit that can even convert into a powerful blower. The prototype is impressive, but the upcoming mass-produced model will feature ten significant improvements, including a sturdy plastic construction, a 22-inch rake head, a larger vacuum bag, enhanced padding on the backpack, and more. Additionally, it boasts a powerful 600 CFM blower, making it a year-round solution for various tasks and saving you money. The device comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charger for uninterrupted performance. Its mulching feature shreds debris into small pieces, serving as a natural fertilizer and protective layer for your plants. With adjustable power levels and a hands-free design, the VentoRake is your go-to tool for all seasons, designed for eco-friendly and efficient yard maintenance.

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