Vision Protection, Skin, Prickly Heat, Frostbite Care Device

Foodmagic- 670nm Red light therapy for vision improvement, Prevent vision loss, myopia & presbyopia, Skin, prickly heat, frostbite care

The Foodmagic is an innovative device that combines vision protection and skincare using 670nm red light therapy. It stimulates cell growth and metabolism, leading to improved vision and enhanced skin health. The red light therapy charges retinal photoreceptor cells, reduces cell apoptosis, and relaxes eye muscles, promoting better vision. It has been proven effective in preventing myopia and slowing down visual decline. Additionally, the 670nm red light therapy improves skin by enhancing cell metabolism, promoting protein synthesis, and stimulating cell regeneration. The device’s design ensures uniform light distribution, and its unique 670nm wavelength offers superior tissue penetration. It should be used at a distance of 40cm from the eyes for optimal results and is suitable for ages 6 and above. The Foodmagic is lightweight, portable, and stylish, making it a convenient and effective tool for vision and skincare.

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