VLA VR Glasses: Unleash Your Imagination

4K | MicroLED | 3D Vision | 9-Axis Sensor | Myopia Adjust | Adaptive Nasal Pad | Adaptive pupil distance | 70g | Rokid Compatibility

The VLA VR Glasses offer an exceptional immersive experience with cutting-edge technology including 4K HD decoding, MicroLED display, and a 96° field of view. They boast a Built-in Dual Microphone system for clear communication and a 9-Axis Sensor for precise motion tracking. Intelligent built-in sensors recognize eye position, enabling seamless suspension and resumption of content. The glasses utilize Pancake Lens Technology for dynamic focal power adjustment, catering to various visual needs, while their lightweight design of just 70g ensures extended comfort. The New Type-C connection ensures compatibility with multiple devices, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity. In collaboration with Rokid, the glasses offer an expansive entertainment experience, including access to a wide array of apps and 3D content, blurring the line between virtual and augmented reality.

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