Voyager 1: World-class Hyper E-Bike for Aesthetes

All Carbon Fiber Frame | Italy OLI Motor | In-frame Phone Charging Cabin | Central Control System

Voyager 1 is a e-bike, crafted over two years to epitomize sophistication, comfort, and unparalleled performance. Its carbon fiber frame, made with a tensile strength of 4900 Mpa, is meticulously manufactured for maximum durability and riding experience. Collaborating with Italy’s Oli Motors, Voyager 1 ensures a smooth, balanced, and safe ride, enhanced by high-beam headlights, multicolored ambient lights, dual embedded taillights, and an in-frame wireless phone charging cabin. Advanced anti-theft features, including real-time GPS tracking and electronic fencing, provide security, while the NO-BOundaries app offers user-driven innovation through its Creative Workshop Forum. The custom-made battery supports over 100 kilometers of electric-assisted riding after just 3.5 hours of charging, with future extensions to increase this range to over 200 kilometers. Rejecting low-quality and gimmicky products, NO-BOundaries focuses on crafting a uniquely elegant and reliable transportation tool for outdoor enthusiasts.