World’s First 8-in-1 Full-featured Magnetic USB-C Cable

4 Interchangeable Ends | Magnetic Design | 240W Fast Charging | 20Gbps Data Transfer | 4K@60Hz Display

The xCool TheOne Cable is the world’s first 8-in-1 full-featured magnetic USB-C cable designed to streamline your tech experience. With four interchangeable ends, it offers compatibility with both USB-C and Lightning devices, supporting 240W fast charging, 20Gbps data transfer, and 4K@60Hz display. Its magnetic design ensures a tangle-free, easy-to-store solution, capable of charging any device with any charger. Engineered for durability, it features a robust polyester exterior, zinc alloy connectors, and advanced USB4 standard for high-speed data transfer. The cable is rigorously tested for strength, capable of withstanding over 10,000 bends and even pulling a car. Its 5-foot length provides flexibility, making it a reliable and portable charging solution for home, office, or on-the-go use.