World’s First Apple Certified True Lossless Earphone – NHB12

NHB12 is a wired earphone because Bluetooth connections do not support lossless audio. And we are determined to solve that problem.

The Questyle NHB12 is the world’s first Apple MFi-Certified true lossless earphone designed to solve the issue of lossless audio not being supported by Bluetooth connections. With a studio-quality 192kHz audio and 0 distortion, it offers unparalleled sound quality. The earpieces are impedance-matched and tuned with current mode amplification circuitry, providing a unique and vast dynamic-range experience. The earphones feature Questyle’s patented Current Mode Amplifier SiP, ensuring minimal distortion and intricate detail reproduction. The sample rate indicator makes it easy to assess audio quality, and the NHB12 is 50% more power-efficient than TWS earphones. It connects seamlessly to Apple devices and offers a high-resolution dynamic driver for outstanding sound reproduction. In comparison tests, the NHB12 performs exceptionally well in delivering full-chain lossless music reproduction.

NHB12 - 1