WUBEN E1-The Ultimate EDC Phone Flashlight

300 Lumens | Magsafe Compatible | 3-Color Temperature | Stepless Dimming | Phone Stand

The WUBEN E1 is an ultimate EDC (Everyday Carry) phone flashlight that stands out due to its MagSafe compatibility and multifunctional features. It easily attaches to your phone, providing a powerful 300 lumens of brightness—ten times more than standard phone flashlights. Equipped with 28 high-quality LED bulbs, it offers soft and flattering light ideal for selfies and low-light situations. The device includes stepless dimming and a three-color temperature setting that enhances night photography. Additionally, its dual-sided magnetic stand ensures stability, making it perfect for steady shots and video recordings. The WUBEN E1 is an indispensable accessory for smartphone photographers and videographers seeking to elevate their creative capabilities.