X-Fly: The Drone Designed to Soar Like a Bird

Experience the next evolution in drone technology – realistic flight, innovative design, & endless expandability.

The Bionic Bird X-Fly is a unique, biomimetic drone that emulates the flight of a bird or an insect, standing out with its innovative wing-flapping technology. Featuring a 16-inch wingspan and capable of speeds between 3 and 12 mph, this lightweight drone (weighing just 12 grams) offers a versatile flight experience, including the ability to glide and perform aerial tricks. Developed as an upgrade to previous Bionic Bird models, the X-Fly boasts user-friendly controls, advanced sensors, and a feature-rich smartphone app. It targets enthusiasts interested in blending technology with natural flight. The X-Fly represents over 40 years of research and development, offering a compact and portable design. This drone redefines the traditional drone experience, merging the beauty of nature’s design with cutting-edge technology.