XTape1: A Modular Digital Laser Tape for Creativity

A pro-grade modular digital laser tape designed to enable the highest-quality creative projects with unique creativity-driven features.

The XTape1 is a professional-grade modular digital laser tape designed for creative projects, combining advanced digital tape and laser measuring capabilities. Its modular design allows for quick replacement of the tape module, promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency. The XTape1 measures both short and long distances accurately, features an upgraded green laser for precise alignment, and has a live angle display for intuitive angle measurements. Key functionalities include a 1/N Line Split Function for equal segment spacing, incremental measurement for accurate increments, and Super OptiTracking™ technology for consistent digital accuracy even in harsh conditions. The device offers flexible display options, a user-friendly app for data transmission and annotation, and a unique U-shaped design for aesthetics and ergonomics. The XTape1 is hand-assembled from over 500 parts, ensuring high performance and a sleek appearance.