Magnetic function|5-in-One|Titanium frame|Sunglasses|Near/far-sighted glasses|Night Glasses|

Y-Glasses is a versatile eyewear product that combines practicality and design. The glasses feature a titanium frame with a magnetic function, allowing for easy lens changes. It offers a 5-in-One solution, including sunglasses, near/far-sighted glasses, night vision glasses, blue-blocking lenses, and high-definition 3D lenses. The blue-blocking lenses help alleviate eye fatigue caused by digital screens, while the TAC polarized lenses filter glare and enhance vision under sunlight. The polarized night vision glasses improve visibility in complex weather conditions, particularly at night. The high-definition 3D lenses provide a better viewing experience without compromising comfort or hygiene. Additionally, gradient lenses are available, adjusting the transmittance to reduce visual fatigue and protect the eyes in different lighting environments. Y-Glasses aim to improve the wearer’s quality of life by enhancing their vision and offering convenience and unique design.

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