– Y ruler – Unfolding Precision, Aesthetics & Versatility

A multi-function Ruler, Set square, Compass and Protractor that Inspires Creativity

The Y-Ruler, created by Yuan Design Studio, is a multifunctional tool that combines a ruler, set square, compass, and protractor, aimed at fostering creativity and precision. It features a dual measurement system with both 12 cm and 5-inch scales, catering to different measurement preferences. The tool includes a 24-hole design for rounding corners, handling diameters between 60 mm to 290 mm, enhancing its versatility. Apart from traditional ruler functions, it also serves as a compass, set square, and protractor with a detailed scale, along with an instant center-of-a-circle locator. Despite its comprehensive features, the Y-Ruler remains portable and user-friendly, with an ergonomic design and durable construction using strong aluminum and a robust coating. This tool, ideal for architects, engineers, designers, and students, exemplifies the innovative redesign of traditional tools for modern needs.