Yarbo: An Intelligent Yard Robot to Meet All Yard Care Needs

Yarbo is an innovative, universal autonomous yard robot that fulfills all year-round yard care needs. Thanks to its unique design, no perimeter cable is required, so you no longer need to bury any wires or cables in your yard. New but powerful, Yarbo can mow the lawn, blow snow from the driveway/sidewalk, and blow leaves/debris on the ground, with many more modules to add additional capability to the pipeline.

With a large signal coverage area, Yarbo can handle different areas in one working plan. That being said, you can mow several lawns, clean several snow-covered areas, or blow leaves/debris in different areas all at once.

Yarbo’s proprietary algorithms can determine the most efficient path planning and handle various types of yards either with multiple areas or in weird shapes.

Yarbo’s docking station uses true wireless charging technology, which means no chance of an electrical short circuit and no risk of electrical contacts corroding over time. Thanks to its auto-charging feature, Yarbo’s wireless docking station enables Yarbo to be ready to work 24/7/365. Whenever the battery is low (less than 5%), or after the long-time work is done, Yarbo will come back to the docking station to get charged autonomously.